The Cycling Mentor’s Riding and Guiding Credentials:

  • 15 years riding and guiding in the San Francisco Bay Area. 30 years in Colorado prior to my arrival in the Bay
  • Competitive road, cyclocross and mountain bike racer; USAC Category 2 Road and Masters 45+A Cyclocross
  • Competitive age group triathlete and Collegiate National Triathlon Championship winning team member
  • Rapha Cycle Club Ride Leader
  • Temple Emanu-El AIDS/Lifecycle Team Trainer
  • Temple Emanu-El Century Ride Promoter and Trainer
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Proud member of the San Francisco Cycling Club
  • Red Cross Certified Adult and Child CPR + First Aid

The Cycling Mentor’s Bicycle and Fitness Industry Experience:

  • Advertising Director, VeloNews, The Journal of Competitive Cycling
  • Marketing Director,
  • Sports Marketing Manager, Specialized Bicycles
  • VP Sales and Marketing, Trixter X-Bikes and X-Biking Indoor Cycling Programs
  • Account Executive, Prevention Magazine
  • Sales Associate and Ride Leader, Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco


Some of you know that I went from failing to ride up Mount Tam, to being able to summit it 3 times in one day, and even completing the infamous “Death Ride” all in about 18 months – and it’s all because of Al’s mentorship on the bike. 

I say “Mentorship” not “training”, because what he does is something completely different. I found the greatest gains in my cycling ability, strength, stamina and confidence didn’t come from miles, watts, BPMs or KOMs, it was from the wisdom and compassion of someone that could tell me HOW to do, not just WHAT to do.

It’s about how to ride in a pace line, to not get dropped by your friends, which kit to buy, what to bring with you and what not to. It’s about cornering safely and confidently on a fast descent, how to position your hands and butt for different conditions (oh yep), how to give and read hand signals to others, what to do with that chamois cream, how to stop your glasses fogging on a climb, what to do if you hit broken glass, how to beat your friends when the mood takes you, and most importantly, how to fit it all in around a career and/or family life.

You see riding a bike may be easy, but really becoming a CYCLIST can sometimes feel intimidating and unfriendly. But go for a ride with Al and he’ll have you feeling like an insider in no time.

So next time you’re thinking of dropping big bucks on that next featherweight bike part you hope with make you faster, stop, and checkout Alec instead. He’s a former top amateur road racer, masters cyclocross crusher, leader of the Rapha rides and all round top geezer.” Client: Chris G

“Alec is a cycling ambassador! His expertise, knowledge and passion are not what you find in a hobbyist but someone who has dedicated their life to the sport. It is his enthusiasm and approachable nature that makes him a pleasure to guide people along their cycling journey. I am forever grateful for his continued advice and support to ensure I have a positive experience throughout my cycling adventures.” Client: Amy W.

“As an on-again, off-again cyclist, I can appreciate the open, encouraging, and expert insight that a super-experienced cyclist such as Alec brings. Cycling is a subtle sport, with subtle tweaks in gear, nutrition, but also pacing, route selection and body/bike fit all playing a role. And that’s why Alec makes a good cycling coach/route leader is he takes all of these elements into account, with a friendly, interactive, personable approach that is rare (I’ve been on multiple groups rides from multiple organizations). So, if you want a good time and to become a better cyclist, I encourage you to reach out to Alec.” Client: Matt B.

“I wanted to write to express my very deep appreciation for your clubhouse and your Sunday open rides. My first Rapha ride was also the first time I had ever cycled with an organized group. It was a transformational experience. It got me into cycling, an activity I have really come to love (it also convinced me to drop a lot of money at your store on gear). I have been trying to get out with Rapha every Sunday since then. All your ride leaders are really fantastic, but I feel compelled to give a special shoutout to Alec. Again, thank you for doing what you do. I wish you much success.” Rapha Ride Client: Adam S.

“My 15 year old son and I are competitive cyclists and we enjoy riding to explore cities when traveling. By luck, we found a group ride posted on the Rapha SF website and we were able to join the group. Alec coordinated the ride and began by explaining the day’s safety, traffic and riding-pace expectations. After a few questions to help assess everyone’s riding level Alec determined a route that was best balanced for the group. And what a fantastic route it was! There were very scenic opening miles at a conversation pace. The rolling miles led to a few climbs where each could test our fitness and then regroup to continue together. Alec was very patient and ensured the “no drop ride” rule was observed, and this was a great way to balance the efforts of me and my son’s pace. More scenic rolling miles led to another point-to-point hill effort. The reward was an amazing panoramic view of the Muir Beach. A final loop led to our last climb and vista and we returned as a team to safely navigate back to the shop. All-in-all, that ride gave us an adventurous day of exploring the Bay area and it included all the elements of road riding: proper grouping for traffic areas, rolling hills, full throttle climbing, descending and cornering, pace line work in the valleys, etc. The ride certainly was a top highlight of our vacation. If we are able to return again, I will certainly reach out to Alec for at the minimum some expert advice and suggestions and even more so, I hope we get the chance to ride together again.” Rapha Ride Clients; Andrew and William P.